About Andrew Desear

As a Recovery Specialist at Brooklyn, New York-based BCS MetroClub PROS, Andrew Desear assists adults with mental illnesses in a day treatment facility. Some clients in the group struggle not only with psychiatric conditions, but past substance abuse problems as well. Mr. Desear oversees a wide range of responsibilities related to management of his clients’ cases and facilitation of group services. Clients, often referred to as clubhouse members at BCS MetroClub PROS, work alongside Andrew Desear and other Brooklyn Community Services staff to plan various events and activities. Clubhouse members frequently work in office maintenance, office management, or food service at the facility, positions which may lead to gainful employment in the local community. Mr. Desear works with these individuals to foster their independence and self-reliance and help them join the workforce through the process of rehabilitation.
Additionally, Andrew Desear assists clubhouse members in planning and participating in educational, social, and vocational activities at MetroClub PROS. These programs help members through the rehabilitation process and leave them with the necessary skills to function in group settings, further their education, and obtain better-paying jobs outside the center. The individuals Mr. Desear assists also take away an increased sense of worth and self-esteem, improving their chances of success.
Membership in the BCS MetroClub PROS program staffed by Andrew Desear and many BCS professionals is completely free. Once a member, a person may take advantage of the center’s services for a lifetime. Mr. Desear remains committed to working with adults, both individually and in group settings, to help them reach their greatest potential.


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